I move all day every day. I walk and walk and I rarely sit still. I walk fast and I just keep going. When I was out walking a few days ago I was aware of how much easier it is to keep going once the momentum kicks in.

I think that this is an excellent description of how I am living my life at the moment. If I stop there is a risk that it will be harder to get moving again so it easier to go with the forward flow. I feel like I have created this flow and I can pinpoint many times where it would have been easy to stop and not put the effort in. So many crossroads I have navigated so far.


I cut my hand recently and needed stitches. It’s OK now and has healed well but those first few days were challenging. It didn’t hurt but I knew that I needed to keep it dry and protected and when I had the dressing changed every few days the nurse reminded me that I wasn’t meant to be using it. At all…..

She even saw me in the supermarket during the weekend holding my shopping list in my hand- written on a single piece of paper, and was surprised that I had thought that this was included in the ‘not using it’ instruction.


So the week where I was bandaged and incapacitated was a challenge. It helped me to realise that I am terrible at sitting still and letting other people do things for me. Which in turn motivated me even more to keep moving and making sure that I am doing everything I possibly can do to stay healthy and mobile. I’ve recently added Physiotherapy and Pilates into my health and wellbeing regime and I also got back in the local pool to swim laps again.


I had my six monthly Neurologist appointment last week and Dan and I were happy to realise that we didn’t really have anything that we needed to talk to him about. For every other appointment I had taken a list of questions that we needed answers for. This was a great reminder of how far my health has come.


This must be what stability with MS is like. It sure has taken awhile to get here!


Thanks for reading,

Simonne xx

Author: boulevardedreaming

My journey through diagnosis with MS and the first years of living positively every day.

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